Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Of Blood and Pulse by A. Jacob Sweeny

Of Blood and Pulse picks up the story right where Pulse Of Heroes left off. After a rocky start, Michelle and Elliot's  relationship seems to be teetering on nothing but a few fraying strings, despite the great love that they both feel for one another.
Haunted and scarred by the events of the past year, they both suffer from traumatic consequences. To complicate things even further, someone who knows far too much about Elliot shows up unexpectedly, bringing revelations that even Elliot as a 4,700 year-old immortal has a hard time grasping. This visitor's mere presence adds yet another strain to the couple's already fragile relationship.
However before Michelle and Elliot can remedy and mend their love, they must heal themselves, and that task will not be as easy or as safe as it seems. Join Michelle and Elliot on an epic life-and-death adventure that will take them to the four corners of the world in search of the key to their survival.

Well A. Jacob Sweeny did it again! This series just gets better with each book. If your looking for a book packed full of action, history, high adventures plus an epic love story then this is the book for you. With a great story line and loveable characters A. Jacob Sweeny has a series that will reel you in and have you begging for more. The story starts off exciting and ends in the same way. The Twilight Saga doesn't hold a candle to this series. I was getting so sick of the same old vampire, werewolf and fallen angel books. Then along came The Pulse Myths series. It has a refreshing storyline that doesn't follow the crowd.
  Mrs. Sweeny puts so much love and effort in her writing and it shows in every word she writes! I was so blowed   away by this series that I can't sing its praises enough. I am so grateful to had the honor of reading this book. The only thing I can find to complain about is the long wait for the next book in the series to be written and released! I hope you take the time to pick up this epic series and read for yourself exactly why I feel so strongly about these books.
 One last word of advise A. Jacob Sweeny put so much time and effort into her work that truly hope you would never try to steal her story! She has had this to happen to her first with Pulse of Heroes and then again with Of Blood and Pulse. I am strongly against this and frown upon the theft of someone's hard work. So please do the right thing and BUY DON'T STEAL her work. 


  1. Sounds fascinating! Thanks for the review ~ Jess

  2. This sounds really good! I'm going to go find it on GoodReads (: New follower!


    1. Glad you liked the review Anaavu...The Pulse series is so wonderful and I'm sure you will enjoy it..Welcome to my blog stick around cause I will have more great interviews and reviews for you to read :)