Sunday, January 27, 2013

                                                      GENESIS QUEEN  by GRACEN MILLER
                                                              BOOK 3 ROAD TO HELL SERIES
                                                            *WARNING!! ADULT CONTENT!!*
                               "  MOVE  OVER J.R. WARD! THERE IS A NEW PARANORMAL
                                                                       QUEEN IN TOWN!"
Perfection! That's the only word I know to best describe the sheer awesomeness of Genesis Queen, book 3 in the Road to Hell series, by the paranormal romance Queen Gracen Miller! Anyone who is a true fan of Gracen"s knows not to expect anything less of this spectacularly, uber talented author!
Genesis Queen is the third book in the Road to Hell series, not a stand alone book, if you have not started your Road to Hell then reading Pandora's Box is where you need to start.
                                                                                Series Order
                                                                       Prequel: Madison's Life Lessons
                                                                       Book one: Pandora's Box
                                                                       Book two: Hell's Phoenix
                                                                       Book three: Genesis Queen
Oh me, oh my!! Fellow Hellhounds get ready for a sexy,steamy, lustfilled ride! Every new book in the  series gets just a little bit hotter and a little more sinful. It goes without saying, cold showers and thoughts of baseball, were the only things that kept me from spending my life savings on AA batteries and cheap wine on my latest journey down the "Road to Hell".,
  Not only do we have Micah and Phoenix to make the perspiration and other anatomical fluids flow, added to the heap of sexy, make you tingle in all the forbidden places,hunks are the immortal dragons Kur and Cael. Oh and we can't forget our sexy, Crystal Genie, Zen (my favortie bottle of sexy btw) and the evil to the core King of Hell Elias.
 Our beloved heroine Madison just can't catch a breathe from her termoiled filled life. No sooner than Madison rescues Nix from Hel, Micah, Madison's yummy falllen angel turned Demon King spouse, shows up on door step with an ominous prophecy. Some unkown nemesis is coming for Madison and Amos helbent on their complete and total destruction. Little does the approaching mysterious antagonists know Madison has a small army of hottness ready to defend her and Amos from the impending doom that threatens their very existence. If you ask me Mads is the luckest woman/succbus on this earth and the depths of hell!Who else has the Arc of Heaven, a  King of Hell, the fierce and ferocious "Crystal Genie" plus an entire Dragon army willing  to fight to the death and beyond for their Genesis Queen.
                                                                        Exsert from Genesis Queen
                                   " If  I thought the only way to save you was   getting you into Micah's
                                                     bed, I'd carry you there myself. I'd strip you for him."
                                                                             Phoenix Birmingham
 I could have theorized on finales for one thousand life times, with every percievable conclusion, only to realize it was a whiplash inducing revelation that left you burning for more. I was so awestruck and taken aback that once the cloud of "WTF "cleared and I slowly regained my composure, I was still completely oblivious to my gaping jaw lying on my chest. I know all my fellow Hellhounds around this world, and the underworld will experience the devilishly sensory overload that I so enjoyed when I traveled "the Road to Hell".
  So now its your turn to take the "Road to Hel" straight to and purchase your own copy of Genesis Queen.  Don't wait another second or I wil sendd Elias after you. Youd don't want that to happen believe you me! Elias will drag you to hell and torture you till you scream for mercy or scream of pleasure.
   Ok since you've been such nauthy little Hellbhounds, I will let you in on a secret.
 Gather around close and listen my pets. I happen to have the inside scoop on the next book in our beloved Road to Hell Series. As we speak Moma Hellhound,aka Gracen Miller, is hard at work on bok 3.5!
 Are you ready?! You gotta work for it, so let me hear you howl!! What? That's all you got! Yoiur Hellhounds, not poodles! Now let me hear you howl like the demon dogs you are! Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about!
  Ok,ok! I guess you have provern your selves worthy of a hellish annnouncement.

So the moment you've been so anxiouly awaiting: the next book in the Road to Hell series is

                                                                AFTER THE FIRE by GRACEN MILLER
                                                                BOOK 3.5  ROAD TO HELL SERIES!

That's not all I have for all you loyal Demon Dogs! I have a tiny teaser from After the Fire. Yes you heard me right. And you will not find this teaser at any other blog. So be sure to tell allyour fellow Hellhounds you heard it here first! So in closing here in the teaser that features our wicked King of Hell none other than Micah Dominus!

                                                                  TEASER! AFTER THE FIRE by GRACEN MILLER

                                                   "Micah wasn't sure how he got suckered into tagging
                                                     along for the family meeting" ----Micah Dominus