Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Can Always Get Worse by Shandy L. Kurth

Have you ever jumped? Have you ever lay in an alley clinging to consciousness, bleeding to death, knowing you could die where you lay? I have. The streets are a dangerous place, watch over your shoulder while you walk or you may just find out what I'm talking about.Horrors lurk in the shadows, evil prickles the back of your neck, forgotten that gut feeling...waiting to catch you off guard. Friends can't help you, although they may try. I watch them fall around me and I wonder how we got here. How did we enter this hell?

Nowhere is safe in the neighborhood. Clay and his gang, the Locals, can't walk the streets alone these days. Fighting for everything and nothing at all, the Locals struggle on the streets trying to build a safe life around each other. Haker and his followers, another neighborhood gang, have set a vendetta against them, trying to tear down their protection, but the Locals aren't backing down--they're going down swinging. Clay's life will never be the same when a chain of events turns deadly and leaves all of the Locals changed forever.

                                                                   My Review

Shandy L. Kurth will take you on a wild amazing ride in this gripping tail of survival. She teaches us all the lesson, no matter how bad things are it can always get worse. Once I picked up this book, I couldn't put it down till I read the final page! Shandy did a wonderful job putting her story in my mind. I was held on the very edge of my seat till the very end. If your the kind of person that likes a happily ever after story then don't bother with this book. It reminded me of The Outsiders. Her writing style is simple and to the point. I believe teenage boys would very much enjoy this book. It is packed full of  nerve racking action. And it teaches that violent it not the answer.  Her characters will break your heart and have you aching to help them along their path of pain and terror.  I highly recommend this book to people of every age group, I'm am honored to have read such a ripping novel by a very talented author! I applaud you Shandy L. Kurth for a job well done and look forward to reading more of your work.
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