Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inteview with Jaz Primo

Here with me today is author Jaz Primo,
of the Sunset Series.
Thank you Jaz for taking time out of your busy life to answer my questions! So Jaz

Dawn: So Jaz lets start by getting to know you a little better.

Jaz: I live in central Oklahoma with my wonderful wife, Lori, and a long-lived cat. While I'm a history buff who has a keen sense of humor, and who loves puns, my paramount passion in life is writing! I harbor a lifelong love for fantasy, science fiction, and vampires in both literature and film. My full-time career has been in higher education working for a college, where I also teach U.S. history a couple of nights a week. I love teaching, which allows me an opportunity to reach out to students in a more direct way than the support-related function of my daily administrative work.

Dawn: Wow! You are one busy man!So why did you decide to become a writer?

Jaz: I've been smitten with creative writing since I was a young boy in grade school. I used to write short stories, and occasionally my teachers would permit me to read them to the class. I don't have the skills (or coordination!) to play a musical instrument or draw/paint, so writing has always been my outlet for emotions and the machinations of my imagination

Dawn: That's great! I have always wanted to be a writer. But I find its easier to come up with the story in my head than putting in on paper "chuckles" So I will stick with reading other people's work.

Dawn: How many book have you written so far?

Jaz: I have written three novels thus far.

Sunrise at Sunset (Sunset Vampire Series, Book #1)

A Bloody London Sunset (Sunset Vampire Series, Book #2)

Summit at Sunset (Sunset Vampire Series, Book #3) -- To Be Released in October 2011

Dawn: After a visit to your web site I am very excited to read this series. I just love Vampire fiction and can't get enough of it!

Dawn: Tell me Jaz where do you find the inspiration for your novels?

Jaz:I receive inspiration from the effect that music has on my imagination. Granted, sometimes I will see a film that evokes strong emotions in me that might guide my feelings towards a situation or characters, but mostly it's music that presses the "start" button on my imagination, and then "away I go."

Dawn: I have noticed a lot of authors printing a play list at the end of their books. So now I know why! "laughing:

Dawn: Since there are two books in the Sunset Series, are you by any chance working on a third?

Jaz: Currently, I'm going through my editor's markup of my third Sunset Vampire manuscript (Summit at Sunset) and making changes or corrections that she recommended. Once the novel has been published this fall, my next project is a historical fantasy novel that I'm not quite ready to reveal because I'm still performing research for the core material. Rest assured, there's more to come on the topic in the not-too-distant future.

Dawn: Tell me where can I buy a copy of your books?

Jaz:My Sunset Vampire Series novels are available in trade paperback and/or eBook formats from, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Apple iBookstore, and some local booksellers.

(Dawn: I have added links for both Sunrise at Sunset and A Bloody London Sunset from Amazon to the blog page. For anyone interested in buying these wonderful books.)

Dawn: Great! I will be adding both these books to my Amazon wish list as soon as the interview is over "Smiling broadly"

Dawn: It seems like e-books are all people talk about anymore. I personally still prefer paperback. I love the feel of holding a book in my hands and the smell of it. Plus after I finish it I can add it to my bookshelf. So Jaz what is your preference?

Jaz: For the past two years year, since acquiring my Kindle, I really prefer to read eBooks. I just love carrying my library around with me, and the eInk technology on the Kindle has the appearance and contrast of reading an actual printed page. It's especially wonderful on trips or at events when trying to tote physical books around might be inconvenient or impractical. That being said, I still collect my favorite novels in paperback and add them to my "keep forever" bookshelves at home. (Yes, that means paying for two copies instead of one, but aren't the best authors and stories worth purchasing twice? *wink*)

Dawn: Tell me do you have a favorite author?

Jaz: That's easy to answer! My favorite author is L.E. Modesitt, Jr. He is the author of more than 55 novels spanning a number of fantasy series, including: The Saga of Recluce (my favorite series!), The Corean Chronicles, The Ecolitan Institute, The Spellsong Cycle, and The Imager Portfolio.

Dawn: Wow! I would have had to think about that question for days! Then I still don't know if I would have had an answer! "Laughing Loudly"

Dawn: When I was in high school I read a book called "Sex Education" by Jenny Davis (and no its not x-rated lol). Still to this day that book has stuck with me. I can still remember the emotional roller coaster it put me thru like I just read it yesterday. Have you ever read a book like that?

Jaz: Well, I would have to say that rather than a single book, L.E. Modesitt's Saga of Recluce series has influenced me the most because of his wonderful writing style and the thoughtful, realistic manner that his characters and settings are presented. Modesitt has most impressed and influenced me by the capable, strong manner that many central female characters are presented in his novels. (I don't like reading about helpless women...give me Xena: Warrior Princess or Wonder Woman instead! I believe that women are inherently stronger and more capable than popular culture or society is willing to admit or embrace.)

Dawn: Well I totally love that answer!

Dawn: Do you have any advise for someone that may be thinking about becoming a writer?

Jaz: First and foremost, take the time to hone your writing craft and skills through writing exercises, formal classes, or workshops, and by reading the works of other good writers. Next, find yourself a viable, unique storyline and create compelling characters and settings that readers can immerse themselves in. Finally, secure the services of an excellent editor, and locate well-read proofreaders who can critique your work. It's so important that before you query an agent or publisher, or attempt to self-publish your own work, that you have a well-written manuscript to release into the world. Those are essential keys to potential success for all writers!

Dawn: Great advise!

Dawn: Well you are already on book three of the Sunset Series, do you know how many books will be in the series?

Jaz: Well, I can say for certain that I already know how the series ends, but I'm not certain how many books there will be to get to that point. I know there will at least be five, but probably not more than seven. How's that? *grinning*

Dawn: "Laughing" Well that will work. After reading about Sunrise at Sunset, your characters seem very interesting. Can you give me some details about them?

Jaz: Beginning in Sunrise at Sunset, each of the two central characters (Katrina and Caleb) are on their own journeys through life that intersect under unusual circumstances. Both of them harbor some emotional scars or aberrations that inhibit their ability to be "complete" as individuals. Though seemingly flawed, in their own unique manner each character engenders attributes that harbor the capacity for a positive influence on one other. I think that most readers will find that my novels are refreshingly unconventional in the way that I approach gender roles for a couple of the main characters. Granted, I have received some negative (sometimes insulting) feedback for breaking stereotypical societal norms in that area. Yet, so many more people have supportively declared that my novels are fresh and different, and they appreciate the assertive, reverent, and capable manner that I present key female characters. Finally, my characters don't remain stagnant; they continue to grow and develop through each of my novels, just as we do as people in real life. I think that makes the characters tangible and enjoyable to read about.

Dawn: Oh now I know Sunrise at Sunset will be my next book purchase! So If I beg will you give me a preview?

Jaz: How about a brief teaser for the third Sunset Vampire novel?

Dawn: Oh that would be great!

Jaz: In A Bloody London Sunset, Caleb Taylor learned that vampires are virtually everywhere. Soon, he experiences firsthand the mounting scale of that revelation.

As time nears for a rare gathering of vampires in Europe, powerful vampire Katrina Rawlings and her human mate, Caleb, are brought front and center before a dangerous galvanization of opposing ideologies. Despite Katrina’s best efforts, she is drawn into the escalating tensions by her friend and former mentor, Alton. When mysterious vampires preemptively seek out Katrina through Caleb, she is challenged to carefully balance diplomacy against concerns for the safety of the man she dearly loves. As push comes to shove, Katrina looks to her best friend, Paige, for help. But how much does the fate of one human weigh against a precariously-held and centuries old peace that threatens to destabilize the worlds of humans and vampires alike?

Get ready for Summit at Sunset, the exciting third novel in the Sunset Vampire Series!

Jaz: Wow, have we reached the end of the interview already? I hope that you and your blog followers will take an opportunity to read my novels. I think that readers will find my storyline and characters to be fresh and different from the traditional facets of paranormal vampire romance that's currently in the marketplace. Finally, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed for your blog, Dawn. I've genuinely enjoyed it! *Big Smile*

Dawn: No Jaz! I should be the one thanking you! This has been a very exciting interview!

This wraps up the interview with Jaz Primo. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Now on to the surprise ending! Jaz has been kind enough to donate a signed copy of Sunrise at Sunset! To go along with it is a signed bookmark and signed business card!

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment under this interview! Can't get any easier than that.

The contest will be open for one week. From July 16th to July 23rd. Good luck and happy reading!

In closing I will leave you will trailers for both books!


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